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Great facilitation eases the flow of life into the world. It can help us understand and unlock power, and draw more deeply from our reserves of courage and creativity.

I have more than twenty years experience facilitating groups in education, community and cultural contexts. I cut my teeth running the adult learning programmes at Tate Modern from 2000-2006, before co-founding The School of Life in 2007. Since 2013, I have been Faculty Lead for the social leadership programme Year Here.

I work in playful and profound ways to untangle confusions and lift the limitations on our vitality. I am not afraid to call out the ways in which we may be sleepwalking through life, and give a prod when it is needed. People who come to my workshops say they feel woken up, clearer in their commitments and more accountable to themselves and their communities.

I have been fortunate to train with many remarkable teachers. I learned Theatre of the Oppressed from its founder, the late Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal, and deepened my understanding of popular education under the guidance of veteran community educator Jane Vella. Between 2014-2018, I had my mind turned inside out and my commitment to this work strengthened a thousandfold through a spiritual formation programme led by the systems thinker Margaret J Wheatley and jazz musician Jerry Granelli.

I trained as a coach with CTI and Thirdspace Coaching, and as a facilitator of deep democracy and systemic dialogue with the No Name Intitiative. I have also trained to facilitate The Circle Way, and The Work that Reconnects, a collection of processes designed to build resilience and strengthen commitment to ecological justice.

More than anything, I love to sit with others, indoors and out, speaking, listening and witnessing the stories that confirm our common connection.